A Prototype

Dycapo Server is a software built using evolutionary prototyping to demonstrate and support our contributions to Dynamic Carpooling research. It provides a basic set of functionalities for dynamic ridesharing using REST-based protocol.

Software Engineering Section

Mission Statement

We are going to develop an open client (mobile)/server system prototype that will improve travel experiences of users in a city. The system will let people to define a destination on their mobile phone. DyCaPo will suggest and arrange trips by either using the Public Transport Service or Carpooling volunteers.

That is, DyCaPo will implement full Dynamic Carpooling functionalities as well as static approaches.

The system will be first thought, implemented and tested for the city of Trento, Italy. As the implementation continues and succedes, the whole national territory could be served.

Project status and release codes

Dycapo is reaching a mature state. A basic set of Dynamic Carpooling functionalities has been implemented. We are waiting for some clients to provide a wider set of empiral tests.

We adopted SemVer http://semver.org - Semantic Versioning for our release numbering system.  

Therefore, v1.0.0 will be considered stable, with fixed API.


DycapoS implements a new REST-ful Protocol, called Dycapo Protocol.


We provide 3 registered users to test Dycapo functionalities: - admin - driver1 - rider1

All of them with password set to "password".

We provide a testing framework, located under tests.rest/. We are using py.test

To run all tests, simply run run_tests.py


See the Dependencies page

Installation and Configuration

See the Installation page


See the Download page

Bugs/Features requests

Please use GitHub's issue system


Dycapo is released under the Apache License, version 2.0.