Carriva -

It is a proprietary solution using phone calls as communication system and a fixed price of 0,10€ / km. Currently it has got 1118 active users.

Avego -

It is a proprietary application for Apple iPhone. It uses GPS technologies and presents a simple, intuitive user interface. It handles costs automatically. The passengers are not required to have an iPhone. It will offer information about public transports. The application relies on a proprietary service called Futurefleet, on which no implementation details are given. On October, 10^{th} 2009 the service offered 5310 empty seats.

Carticipate -

Carticipate is a proprietary iPhone application that integrates with Facebook, defined as “a location based mobile social network for ride sharing, ride combining, and car pooling”. It has a very simple interface looking like Google Maps mobile. According to the website, it is available on 59 countries.

Piggyback -

It is an Android application using a step-by-step approach (maximum one user input at each application screen) and makes wide use of graphical representations instead of text. It offers the possibility to bookmark addresses. The map screen is proprietary. When a driver and passengers are matched their compatibility is showed, represented with stars (0 to 5) and categorized as friendliness, reliability, driving skills and car. The trip cost is also showed. After the ride, the feedback system lets the user set the points for the aspects listed above. The application lets also plan rides using a static carpooling approach.

Aktalita -

It is an under development application, supposed to be proprietary.

“Aktalita combines the Web, a geospatially enabled database, and a Java enabled cellphone to provide real-time dynamic carpooling between drivers and passengers”

RideGrid -

Ridegrid is another proprietary, not yet in production system. “RideGrid is a service that uses mobile Internet and location technology to enable individuals to obtain rides to and from any location, spontaneously. [..] RideGrid works by dynamically combining routes. We evaluate the change required in a driver's route such that it passes through the desired source and destination of a compatible rider, and broker the agreement. We have proprietary means to calculate the routes, monetize the transactions, and introduce people to others they trust. “

It uses an internal credit system. The client has an outdated classical Java Micro Edition interface.

Project Carpool -

Carpool was the only open-source project, using PHP and Javascript. The development was stuck at the research time. The project is now closed.

GoLoco -

GoLoco is a proprietary web application that also relies on Facebook. It uses a private payment system.

Ecolane DRT -

Ir is a proprietary solution, web-based, focused on security. It provides a customized Nokia touchscreen device. Among the features, they declare that the device is capable of real-time data communication, reports of arrivals and departures with time information, device locking mechanisms, GPS location and direction, mileage tracking, detailed trip information.

Divide The Ride -

The project is a static, web-based solution organized around children activities. Families invite other trusted families to join their group. Groups get notifications when a ride is needed.

iCarpool -

This application is a static, web-based system that does not require payments. They declare to use advanced proprietary algorithms for ride matching. “High precision trip matching. helps you find the best carpool match. Find co-workers, neighbors and friends for carpool. Use for daily commute, recurring trips, long distance trips and events Plan ahead or use on-demand”. Matching criteria includes social relationships, but no details are given.

Hover -

It is a casual carpooling system using RFID technologies and an own credit system. The members are approved after human verification tests. Participants must meet at a location called “Hover Park” and are identified by the RFID system. On exiting the Hover Park, the system recognizes driver and passengers and distributes credit points. There are several destination points available, that register the arrival in the same way. It also offer a guaranteed back-to-home system, by using taxis.

Flinc -

Flinc is a dynamic carpooling system using smartphones (Android and Apple iPhone). “Flinc connects navigation systems and mobile phones and arranges available seats within a few seconds - directly in the car and on the pavement. Flinc combines GPS and location-based capabilities with social networking to offer a dynamic and automated method of getting from one place to another. The service can be used on smartphones or on the PC or Mac, helping users create rides within a few seconds via an entirely automated process.”. The system is currently under active development.